Sand Artisan Beech

SKU: K013 SU

Sand Artisan Beech is a natural-looking wood decor with a beautiful woodgrain. It is a timeless oak that finds its place in every interior style due to the elegant linearity paired with gentle radiance.

Rusty Flow

SKU: K351 RT

Rusty Flow is the perfect version of a weathered metal plate. The mix of concrete with oxidized metal undertones provides a realistic character that is strengthened by its rust (RT) texture.

Ristretto Baroque Oak

SKU: K537 RW

A charming woodgrain decor in dark brown colours with a vintage appearance and gentle grain, combining straight and slightly elliptical shapes. It creates a strong visual and sensory experience thanks to the porous RW texture bringing a high-value look.

Raw Endgrain Oak

SKU: K105 FP

The growth rings, combined with beautiful curves on the oak bark, can turn this brown wood decor into a strong accent in your interior. It is the perfect match for colours, stone or marble surfaces.


SKU: K028 SU

Portland is a concrete decor that has a masculine and urban appeal. Its light grey nuances and smooth texture give authenticity and evoke a trend-oriented ambience.

Porterhouse Walnut

SKU: K206 PE

Porterhouse Walnut is a classic wood design with narrow planks that vary in colour – from dark to light brown with reddish nuances. The contrasting colours give depth to the lively walnut woodgrain.

Platinum Disk

SKU: K523 PE

The newly developed Platinum Disk offers a new cool colour tone in the range of designs with a stunning metallic effect. It can add an industrial vibe to any contemporary interior.

Linen Block Wood

SKU: K029 SU

Linen Block Wood impresses with its beige, brown and crisp white nuances. The earthy colour palette and natural wood planks with visible saw cuts are reminiscent of the value of craftsmanship and authenticity. The matt smooth texture can add warmth to your kitchen design.

Light Tivoli

SKU: K214 RS

The beige stone design of Light Tivoli is perfect for combinations with natural colour like brown or green, as well as with elegant woodgrains. It can be the ideal choice for contemporary and classic interiors.

Light Terrazzo Marble

SKU: K095 SU

Classic, yet elegant, this marble reproduction can make a big design statement with its refined surface design and small chips, imitating the look of real glass, quartz and granite.

Light Porterhouse Oak

SKU: K091 FP

Light Porterhouse Oak is a warm wood decor with a beautiful straight-grained plank design. Its light brown colours with yellowish nuances stand out thanks to the delicate fine pore texture.

Light Grey Concrete

SKU: K200 RS

Light Grey Concrete can bring personality and grand effect into any furniture design. Its neutral grey colour is a perfect choice for different interior styles – from rustic romance to industrial chic.

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