Light Grey Concrete

SKU: K200 RS

Light Grey Concrete can bring personality and grand effect into any furniture design. Its neutral grey colour is a perfect choice for different interior styles – from rustic romance to industrial chic.

Light Atelier

SKU: 4298 UE

Light Atelier is a reproduction of concrete with a clean and urban look. It has a balanced presence, thanks to the mix of light grey tones that can be easily combined with a variety of colours and woodgrains.

Java Block Wood

SKU: K030 SU

Java Block Wood has an expressive appeal. The interplay of graphite grey and beige nuances underlines the narrow planks in its design. The weathered effect of the wood delivers a romantic, rustic elegance.

Iron Flow

SKU: K352 RT

Metallic effects and concrete character fuse in Iron Flow decor. The colour-play of light and darker greys in varying depths and its expressive textures make it applicable to diverse interior concepts.

Hazel Silverjack Oak

SKU: K544 RW

Hazel Silverjack Oak displays a fabulous colour play, striking knots, deep cracks, and grain that have been accentuated and filled with grey putty. The expressive decor can recreate a natural, authentic look in various living spaces and will be the perfect partner to modern materials such as metal, glass, and stone.

Grey Galaxy

SKU: K207 RS

Grey Galaxy is a stone reproduction that can add character and urban chic to any interior. The interplay of the grey nuances creates depth, and the rough texture increases this effect.

Grey Emperador Marble

SKU: K093 SL

This sleek decor represents the character of real marble. The grey-brown nuances are enhanced with spots of lighter grey in soft round patterns. Its unique look will help it become a focal point in your kitchen.

Grey Craft Oak

SKU: K002 FP

Grey Craft Oak is a strong and expressive wood decor. It has a mix of beige and grey nuances and an authentic texture with visible cracks and knots. It is full of character and natural imperfections and can be the perfect choice for a worktop or splashbacks.

Grey Atlantic Marble

SKU: K368 PH

Grey Atlantic Marble can evoke a sense of urban chic in any interior. Its PH texture replicates natural cracks and indentations with a burnished, waxy touch and adds a distinct stone feel.

Grey Albus

SKU: K540 PN

Alpine limestone variation with fossilized elements, featuring a hybrid look of concrete and terrazzo and many colour combination possibilities. A versatile choice for those looking for flexibility and wanting to add an urban charm to any interior.

Gold Craft Oak

SKU: K003 FP

Gold Craft Oak is a beautiful and authentic looking oak with distinctive dark knots and a golden natural colour. It is full of character and natural imperfections with a soft, natural texture.

Gold Baroque Oak

SKU: K535 RW

A charming woodgrain decor in beige colours with a vintage appearance and gentle brown grain, combining straight and slightly elliptical shapes. It creates a strong visual and sensory experience thanks to the porous RW texture bringing a high-value look.

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