Explore the Finesse range of worktop finishes

sl slate

Slate (SL)

Deep slate texture that reflects the distinctive look and feel of weathered stone.

fp fine pore

Fine Pore (FP)

A understated delicate wood pore that refines the decor.

rs rough stone

Rough Stone (RS)

Soft riven texture, perfectly accompanying our natural stone decors.


Glitter Matt (GM)

This elegant matt texture, combining a soft, silky touch with the eye-catching and subtle sparkle of aluminum flecks.

rt rust

Rust (RT)

The stucco texture echoes the distressed appearance of concrete and metal. It has a worn character that’s fully on-trend with the urban look.

pe pearl

Pearl (PE)

A subtle, burnished surface detail.

rw river wood

Rift Wood (RW)

Linear texture with matt and gloss areas giving the most diverse wood designs a very authentic feel and high-value appearance.

pn pluton

Pluton (PN)

A versatile, non-directional texture with a matt effect. It is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces and enhances the look and feel of textiles, stone and marble decors.

su super matt

Super Matt (SU)

Texture combining matt effect with smooth, high-grade optics for a resplendent appearance.

ue used effect

Used Effect (UE)

A burnished surface finish, that give an extra degree of patina to stone and metal decors.

sq super quality gloss

Super Quality Gloss (SQ)

A superior gloss surface specially developed for worktops to offer improved scratch resistance and durability.

pa patina

Patina (PA)

A subtle, semi-smooth glazed surface.

bs bureau structure

Bureau Structure

A pleasant mottled surface, that brings timeless style and durability to all environments.

gg glitter gloss

Glitter Gloss (GG)

High gloss surface, enhanced with a fine amount of shiny real aluminium bits and sparkling glitter finish suitable for stone decors.

ph peetah

Palazzo Touch (PH)

Inspired by vintage marble and soapstone textures, this dual gloss surface replicates natural cracks and indentations with a burnished, waxy touch.